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Oriental Rug House

Oriental Rug House is owned by Zahra and Vahid Heydari.  As crafted rug makers, they both know the art of weaving rugs into beautiful pieces of art.  As what had began as a hobby for the both of them, has now turned into a thriving business. This is very beneficial to Oriental Rug House and it’s customers because of the vast amount of knowledge that they know on hand-woven rugs.

What you’ll see in Oriental Rug House is it’s beautiful colors, vibrant rug displays and the master weaver on the floor.  This allows Oriental Rug House to demonstrate proper rug repair and restoration.  Buyers will be able to see a vast selection of rugs ranging from Iran, India, Turkey, China and Pakistan.  Oriental Rug House carries the largest selection of Persian rugs because of the Heydari’s family contacts.  Oriental Rug

House also offers cleaning and maintenance for it’s customers.  Located in Suite 206.  757-8797.